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Media by and for fandom

Krypton Media Group

Krypton Media Group is a media distribution company catering to science fiction and pop media fans, with its first platform,, being the world’s only internet radio station serving fandom as a whole and holding true to this format 24/7.

By making the work of new genre creators more accessible to the fans, we create value by providing a specialized distribution channel that feeds back into the community and helps it grow. We also create new content ourselves, letting us tap into our own audience as a consumer base directly.

The company was founded in August of 2013, but we’ve been in operation a lot longer than that, starting with the creation of Krypton Radio on April 10, 2009. From humble beginnings and through its name change to in 2018, we have grown the station to be a beacon in the sci-fi genre, playing the music geeks love. Our talk shows attract some of the biggest names from all over the science fiction literature and pop media world.

We think that building the best future possible will depend on nurturing the imaginations and creativity of the sci-fi community, because this is where so many of humanity’s best ideas come from. Writers, designers and creatives from all walks of life find inspiration in science fiction. Keeping the flame of curiosity and exploration alive is our best hope. We hope to give new writers and artists a place to stand while they create the new books, films, games and art that we think will inspire coming generations.

We pride ourselves on being a springboard for other sci-fi and fantasy genre companies and individuals who are trying to get some traction in this crazy world where giant media corporations dominate the internet.  It’s almost impossible to be heard.  Krypton Media Group is one of the few options new creators can go to make themselves heard and to be discoverable by other fans like themselves.

Our flagship project,, is currently heard by over one million listeners per year, in 187 countries around the world.  Our reach includes not only our own radio streams and our own news site for the station, but tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Threads, Instagram and other social media.