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We make geek media. 

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Mega-blockbusters aren’t the whole picture. There is much magic to be found in the world, and most of it comes from small groups of creatives whose dreams and ambitions drive them to create.

That’s where we come in. We help facilitate and create the new daydreams, exciting thrillers, and clever conundrums from which the blockbusters of tomorrow may come.



We can produce animation for you at lower costs than most studios can afford. Our team of artists and animators can produce your company’s instructional videos quickly and cheaply.

Did we mention cheaply? Spend hundreds, not thousands.

Brand Identity

Everything we do and make can be put to use building your brand identify. Talk to us about developing a package custom made for you.

Web Development

Our own ventures have necessitated becoming wizards of the web. There is little we can’t build for you, from simple WordPress plugins to Enterprise level systems.  Need something custom built for your web site? We’ve got you covered.

Podcast Production

We’re practically masters of podcast production. We created Krypton Radio, and we produce all sorts of informational and dramatic podcasts. We can teach you how, or do it for you. 

Web Design

If all you need is a web site design, we can do that too. We have a team of programmers, artists, photographers and designers ready to go, at a price you can afford.


Need custom content for your project?Our award winning team of writers can help make your audience’s experience a unique one.

“Mighty Aphrodite! The Web Series” 

Yes, we’re the creators of the popular animated series about the Goddess of Love herself!


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